Last year we held our inaugural YWCA old bags lunch at Preston Manner where we auctioned handbags (old bags) belonging to iconic Australian women like Julia Gillard, Anna Bligh and Kaye McGrath.  After a recommendation from a prominent local Real Estate Agent I approached Tony Illing from Illing & Associates Auctioneers to see if he would be interested in supporting our event as our auctioneer. Tony was approachable and forthcoming and kindly offered his services free of charge.  He arrived on the day well ahead of time and was very understanding when we were running behind schedule.  Not only was he a professional and engaging Auctioneer he is an excellent public speaker, enlightening the audience with a humorous personal story of how the influences of strong important women in his life had had on him. We received a lot of positive feedback from our audience who encouraged us to bring him back for next year’s event.  We appreciate the contribution and support Tony brought to our event and would gladly have him back to auction at any of our future events.


Toni Brown
Administrative Assistant, YWCA Qld  


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